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5 Reasons Why Your Bottom Freezer-Refrigerator Is Better Than Your Top Freezer-Refrigerator

If you’re shopping for a new refrigerator, you might be wondering if a bottom-freezer or top-freezer model is right for you. After all, both types have their pros and cons.

Bottom freezers are more common in standard kitchens because they take up less floor space; top freezers can take up quite a bit of space above your countertops.

However, which one is better for your kitchen? Here are five reasons why a bottom freezer is better than a top freezer refrigerator:

A Bottom Freezer Is More Space-Efficient

Top freezers are often not built to be as space-efficient as bottom freezer models. This is especially true in side-by-side refrigerators, where the top-freezer option is often only slightly more efficient than a standard model.

Bottom freezers are often taller than top freezers, allowing them to store more food at once. If you’re trying to decide between two models of the same capacity, the one with the bottom freezer is likely to be more space-efficient.

Bottom freezers also have more usable space on the bottom, which can be helpful for storing baking sheets, cooling racks, etc.

A Bottom Freezer Keeps Food at a Consistent Temperature.

A refrigerator’s job is to keep your food cold. That said, the two most common types have different methods of keeping your food at a consistent temperature. Top freezers rely on airflow to cool the inside of the refrigerator.

Airflow is controlled with vents on the back, top, and sides. This type of refrigerator will have warm spots on the top and cold spots on the bottom. Bottom freezers rely on heat to cool the inside of the refrigerator.

They have a warm spot at the top and a cold spot at the bottom. Since all of the food is kept in the middle, it stays at a consistent temperature throughout the unit.

A Bottom Freezer Has a Lock on the Door

The door on most refrigerators is the only thing keeping children from food. Unfortunately, the top-freezer model only has a latch on the door, which is easy for children to undo. With a bottom-freezer refrigerator, you get a latch and a lock on the door.

The latch will keep curious hands out, but the lock is what will keep your child out. You’ll want to keep the key handy and put it on a key ring that can’t be easily opened.

If your child is smart enough to open the fridge, they’re smart enough to find the key. If you keep it on a key ring, they’ll have access to it at all times.

A Bottom Freezer Uses Less Energy

Most refrigerators use a combination of electricity and freon; bottom freezers are more likely to be the combination type. Top freezers are often the frost-free type, which uses less energy than the combination type but more than a bottom freezer.

Of course, this varies from model to model. Bottom freezers use more energy than top freezers, but not as much as a combination model. If your only option is a frost-free top freezer, don’t worry: it’s still better than a combination model.

If you have the option between a bottom freezer and a top freezer, choose the bottom freezer. It’s not outrageously more efficient, but every little bit helps.

A bottom freezer holds more food at once.

Since the food is kept in the middle of a bottom freezer, it holds more food at once than a top freezer. You may notice that the shelves in a bottom freezer model are shorter than the shelves in a top freezer model, but this makes the food easier to reach.

The shorter shelves in a bottom freezer make it easier to keep your food organized and accessible. Many people prefer to keep their leftovers on the bottom, so they’re the first thing you see when you open the refrigerator.

Bottom freezers are often better for storing large, tall things like gallon-sized jugs of milk or juice. Top freezers are better for short, wide things like a bag of apples or a box of popsicles.

Key takeaway

Your refrigerator will be the hub of your kitchen, storing all your favorite snacks and drinks. It’s important to choose the right model, whether you’re shopping for a new top freezer or bottom freezer.

A bottom freezer is often more space-efficient, keeps your food at a consistent temperature, and uses less energy than a top freezer. A bottom freezer also holds more food at once, and it has a lock on the door to keep curious children out.

When you’re shopping for a new refrigerator, make sure to choose a bottom-freezer model. These are five reasons why a bottom freezer is better than a top freezer refrigerator.

Bottom freezers are more space-efficient, keep food at a consistent temperature, have a lock on the door, use less energy, and hold more food at once.


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